Suffer On Acid.

Who’s ready for some fresh tee’s and a split 7”? 
Get this out in the tumble world! This weekend in PA. shoecityrecords
The Wit’s End 7” is in. Pick one up today at or head come out to one of the shows. 
We are playing this show next week in Providence but will not have the records available in time for it. They should be in sometime mid July. For now, please come out. It will be a great time. 
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We’re on the radio tonight playing the record front to back as well as some new songs. 
Tune in at 8PM
1 Day, 2 Shows, 4/20. Photo by Nic B. Taken at Peter C.’s Satanic BBQ 
""Suitably antagonistic, barely listenable in places, Wit’s End is a short-sharp explosion of punishment disguised as music.." -
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